Townsend Investigations are hired by Dan Abner, owner of the Bulldogs football team to investigate the mysterious diappearance of 3 of his cheerleaders.  Kelly and Kris try out to be cheerleaders and Sabrina takes over the running of the team after their leader, Beverley Casey goes missing.

Kelly and Kris both make the team but while Kris is investigating a suspect she is drugged and kidnapped by Eddie, the teams publicity manager. She is taken to an old printing plant where Eddie used to work where she finds the missing cheerleaders.  Kris discovers that Eddie is head of a cult and he is holding all the cheerleaders hostage.  They are all too weak to escape and if Kris trys to escape they will all be killed.  Kris struggles with Eddie and the building catches fire.  The hostages all start escaping but Kris stays to try and rescue Eddie who is trying to kill himself by walking into the fire.

Meanwhile Sabrina and Kelly have tracked Eddie down.  They discover that Eddie used to write a religious column and go to the printing plant when Sabrina remembers that Eddie had printers ink on his jacket.  They arrive just in time to rescue Kris and Eddie from the fire.

Season 3